For the relief of elbow pain and contracture (tendonitis, bruises)


May be applied to the bent elbow for the relief of elbow pain
and contracture (tendonitis, bruises).








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PATCH SIZEFIT005 Elbow Patch – custom-shape:
PACK SIZEPack of 3 patches (keep one patch on for 5 consecutive days).
Pack lasts for 15 days.
INDICATIONSMay be applied to the bent elbow for the relief of elbow pain and contracture (tendonitis, bruises).
APPLICATIONElbow Patch (can also be adapted for the calf muscle):
It is recommended that this patch is applied with assistance.
Bend the elbow fully.
Carefully detach a small section of the adhesive patch from the backing paper at the base of the V-shape and apply the exposed area of the patch below the bony protrusion if the source of the pain is below the elbow (with the patch in a V-shape - see image above).
If the source of the pain is above the bony protrusion at the elbow, the starting point of application will be at this area (with the final patch application in an upside-down V-shape see image).
Slowly detach the rest of the patch from the backing sheet while applying pressure as the patch unrolls and adheres to the skin.
Hold down the patch for approximately 2 minutes for maximum adherence before extending the arm
IMPORTANTOne patch is effective for 5 consecutive days.
Patches are water-resistant.
Patches are not to be used on wounds or on broken or reddened skin.
Patches are non-sterile.
If you suffer from specific blood circulation (particularly related to microcirculation) or muscular problems, seek the advice of your Healthcare Practitioner before applying the patches.
Do not apply a patch if it shows any sign of wear or defect.
If any reactions to the patch occur, for example itchiness or reddening, remove the patch immediately.
STORAGE INSTRUCTIONSKeep the patch in the plastic pouch until use. Store at or below 25 °C.
PAIN RELIEF for up to 
120 hours
 (5 days)
Stays in place for
5 consecutive days
100% polypropylene fabric