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Innovating Healthcare

Kiara Health differentiates itself; and successfully navigates through the highly competitive African healthcare space, by offering unique medical technologies: robotics, devices, point-of-care (POC) diagnostics; and innovator and generic medicines and over-the-counter (OTC) products, aimed at meeting unmet needs, in select high-growth African countries. We believe that Africans should not be the last to have access to innovative medical advances. Our aspiration is to provide Africans with breakthrough healthcare innovations, sourced from highly regulated markets, using our African Healthcare Portal®

In doing what we do well, we deliver a profitable and sustainable performance. This in turn allows us to generate value and returns for our Partners and Investors, while maintaining the substantial investments we make into the research, manufacturing, supply, and distribution of our products, that ultimately delivers world-class medical solutions to all patients on the African continent.

To be the Trusted African Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Healthcare Partner of the Future.
Kiara Health - Our Vision

We have extensive knowledge of, and broad and far-reaching networks within, the African Pharma Markets. We are a vision-led; solutions-oriented and science-focused healthcare company and strive to develop a trust-based organization.

Kiara Health is a company with highly experienced and passionate executives with business, managed care, manufacturing, marketing, medical, quality assurance, quality control, regulatory, sales and supply chain ability; and extensive experience of the African Pharmaceutical industry.

Kiara Health believes in collaboration between the various Healthcare Practitioners across the continent. To advance Africa, sharing of best-practices and knowledge is critical to progress in healthcare on the continent. For this reason, Kiara Health will continue to create and support health platforms of learning and sharing for the betterment of all Africans.

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